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When getting car insurance, there are a lot of facts that often get tossed around whenever debating about whether or not you should get insurance in the first place. Some facts may scare you off of it, some might get you to go way over budget on coverage that you may not need. Here are a few myths about car insurance, debunked for your benefit!

Myth 1: The color of your car matters? False.

Did you know that a majority of car colors were only created due to the rise of female drivers? While these are pretty dated facts, it was first noted that the various colors were offered merely to provide a more vain option for pickier people and, back in the day, some women were more prone to pick based on look and color while men were more knowledgeable with what went on under the hood. While insurance companies really couldn’t give a hoot on whether or not your car is in the color of the blood of angry men, they do care about the kind of car you have as most policies will show that sports cars tend to have higher rates than, say, sedans do.

Myth 2: My lifestyle can determine my rate? True.

Since quite a lot of coverage policies do have certain specifications for possible circumstances, not everyone has the same kind of rate and policy. If you are a younger driver or one with less experience then, chances are, you would have a higher rate. Some companies also give higher rates to men rather than women.

Myth 3: I don’t need car insurance? False.

There are some people who can get away without car insurance; surely I could too, right? Wrong. While most times it is a legal requirement for people to make sure that their vehicles are insured, it is also the most recommended move for you to make. From information taken from the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, you could be the best and most law-abiding driver on the road and still need insurance because not everyone on the road will make the same safe decisions that you do.

Insurance is necessary as an investment for both your property and for yourself as your own health insurance may not suffice in the event of motor vehicle accident.

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