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There are a lot of risks when driving – and infinitely more when driving an eighteen-wheeler truck. A truck that size can easily amount to almost a hundred thousand pounds – and that almost a hundred thousand pounds of solid, possibly hazardous parts, moving at several miles an hour on a possibly full interstate or road or highway – and these vehicles need to be taken care of and properly maintained because just a little bit of negligence can mean a lot of heartache for a lot of people.

According to the website of the Houston 18-wheeler accident attorneys with Williams Kherkher, it is the responsibility of trucking companies to make sure that their drivers and trucks are well cared for. This includes upholding the laws that are mandated about vehicles of this size and proportion such as the fact that truck drivers are only allowed to drive 14 consecutive hours. These hours need to be properly maintained in order to ensure that the person behind the wheel is alert and fit enough to handle such a large but delicate piece of equipment. Trucking companies are also liable for the people they hire to handle their trucks and so sufficient testing and background checks fall into their jurisdiction, as a part of their area of responsibility. Failure to submit to these standards, as set about by federal law, is subject to legal punishment. Truck accidents that are a result of negligence from the employers are liable under criminal law as well as civil law.

The aftermath of any car accident is hardly easy for anyone – the consequences of eighteen-wheeler truck accidents are so much more devastating to the victims. There are the medical expenses to worry about as well as the loss of income that comes as a result of having to recover from what is, undoubtedly, a traumatic experience for everyone involved.

If you or your loved one has fallen victim to a truck accident, it is advisable for you to seek legal aid immediately in order to receive just compensation for the damages dealt upon you.

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