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I love Tucson. It’s a vibrant city that has an incredible mix of people. There’s a wonderful college vibe to the downtown because of the university, and then there’s the more laidback, retirement vibe further north where the golf courses take over. The city has the best weather, the best food, and the right kind of attitude for any group.

But it also has a medication error problem. With a lot of young people who are inexperienced in the world mixing with a lot of more elderly people who are perhaps not as able to focus as in their younger days, there’s a lot of potential for the wrong medication to be prescribed without the person taking it realizing the problem. That’s why we all need to do a better job watching out for that event.

So, how do we do that? Well, Russo, Russo, & Slania P.C. Attorneys at Law have very helpfully laid out what major medication errors look like. They list three key signs that the medication someone is taking is the wrong one: an inability to concentrate when they were previously able to do so, a gradual decline in health that isn’t explained by other factors, a diagnosis of unexpected ailments that has no particular connection to their health otherwise.

If you are seeing those symptoms in someone taking medication, whether they’re at the University of Arizona on anti-depressants or they’re in a nursing home in Oro Valley, you need to take the proper steps to help that person return to a better medication and to better help.

How do you do that? By contacting medical professionals and perhaps a medical lawyer like those found at Russo, Russo, & Slania. This is a serious issue that requires at very least a serious medical response, and perhaps a serious legal response as well.

These steps have to be taken immediately because the results of taking the wrong medication can be dire, including everything from organ failure to seizures, and from allergic reactions to death. With such huge risks, it’s obvious why doctors and potentially lawyers have to be involved in this situation when it occurs.

I firmly believe that Tucson is the best city in America, but it is uniquely at risk for medication error problems. With so many snowbirds and college students, with such a large number of very young and very old residents, it’s easy for these problems to be missed.

All of us have to work harder to watch out for the signs listed above and to take the steps mentioned here.

We want everyone in Tucson to enjoy the city to their fullest extent. That means helping them make sure that they are taking the medication that is right for their conditions and that keeps them at their optimum health levels. Whether the mistake was accidental or intentional, we have to help make sure it is corrected before permanent damage is done.

Let’s commit to keeping Tucson a health city as well as a fun and relaxing city.

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