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Some people just can’t get enough of alcohol. And with hundreds and thousands of bars and shops selling these beverages, people have more reason to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage. The bad news here is that people do not know how to stop drinking. A Charleston personal injury attorney will tell you that intoxication with alcohol can result to serious injuries or even death.

If you are someone who owns a bar or tavern and serves alcoholic beverages, you are better off taking out a liquor liability insurance. In some states, establishments that sell alcohol will be held responsible for injuries caused by an intoxicated person. The liability sets in if they serve liquor to a customer despite being visibly drunk.

With the costly nature of liability claims, bar owners must consider getting liquor liability insurance. This is a good way of protecting your establishment from shouldering any potential financial loss resulting from a customer’s intoxication. Such policy can help shoulder legal expenses, court fees, or civil and criminal charges. Most states require businesses that sell alcohol to carry liquor liability insurance.

Typical liquor liability insurance will provide coverage for any damage or injuries that will be incurred from liquor induced fights or altercations. The policy will also cover assault and battery claims. If the case goes to court, liquor liability insurance will also pay for attorney’s fees as well as litigation expenses.

It is worth noting that the intoxicated person cannot collect damages from any injury he himself sustained. Collecting damages for the injuries is the responsibility of a third party. In order to successfully collect, the drunk person must prove that there was a connection between the injury and the selling of the drink at the bar or tavern. There is a limitation on the collectible damages on the premise that the intoxicated person was responsible for their injuries in the first place.

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